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― Albert Einstein

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Why I love Teaching-On-Call

I love teaching-on-call for many reasons.
Here are 7 of them :)

1) It's never boring - I work in many different classrooms and schools, so it's a new adventure every day. I've had weeks where I was teaching Foods 12 one day, then grade 1 the next day. Rarely a dull moment!

2) I get to know many different people - I have met and also renewed relationships with so many different people (I worked in the same district prior to having kids and grew up there too). I love people:)

3) I learn something new every day! - I get to see firsthand so many great ideas from many different classrooms, schools, teachers, principals, students...

4) I get to try many new ideas - Did I mention that I'm addicted to pinterest, twitter, etc. I also have a large collection of educational books (I've spent a fortune at Amazon this year). I've had several longer term TOC assignments in which I get to do the planning! Fun!

5) I get to practice my classroom management skills on a daily basis - I have learned what works, and have definitely learned what doesn't. I still make lots of mistakes, and have much to learn, but I am proud of what I've learned already. The practice helps so much!

6) I don't have to make a decision yet - When I'm in primary I like that best, when I'm in intermediate I like that best, when I'm in high school I love that too (especially English class)! I've also loved teaching Foods, Planning, Avid, even Math 8... I was trained for K-8, student-taught in grade 5, and most of my past experiences are with intermediate grades. But I really do love it all! And eventually I want to get my Master's in Counselling.

7) It's flexible - I can take a day off when my kids need me, whether they are sick or have an appointment, or when they have a Christmas concert or field trip they want me to join them on. I also took a couple of days off to take the kids to Seattle to my brother's for U.S. Thanksgiving, which has become a tradition for us in the last few years. My hubby had to work, but I pulled the kids out of school for a couple of days to spend quality time with their cousins, and experience a big American Thanksiving. I also like getting called for half days. I still get to work but I also get to do either drop-off or pick-up for my kids, which makes them very happy. And when I get to do pick-up that usually means a playdate at our house:)

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