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― Albert Einstein

Friday, 18 May 2012

Grade 6 Symmetry Lesson

One really nice thing about working in a small district is that you get to know so many of the students and staff. Last week I got booked for a grade 6 class ahead of time, so when I was in the school TOCing another day I was able to ask the teacher ahead of time if there was anything she wanted me to prepare for that day. She mentioned that they would be working on symmetry. She was heading into a meeting when I went by to see her so she didn't have much time to chat but I said I'd look for a good symmetry lesson. I knew I didn't have much in my files or books on symmetry, so I was excited to go to my computer and look for a new idea. I started with Pinterest but did not find much so I started looking on Teachers Pay Teachers, and found a free powerpoint that I thought was very good. So I downloaded it onto my macbook and packed it with me hoping I'd be able to use a projector. I knew they had some macs at the school so I thought it was very likely I'd be able to get the powerpoint to work. I did not have an adaptor for my mac at home (but I plan on buying one so that I'll be able to use my mac with any projector at any school). Luckily the school had a mac adaptor I was able to use, and the principal took time out of his busy day to hook it up. I cannot figure out how to put the powerpoint onto my blog, but this is where I found it: Symmetry Powerpoint. The powerpoint was basic and clear, and helped reinforce what students had already learned about symmetry.

The next thing I found was a Symmetry Battleship Game that I thought would be both fun and good practice for the students. After they watched the powerpoint, I handed out one copy of the game to each student and explained what they were to do. They were to start by drawing a symmetrical shape or pattern. I told them to colour in at least 10 squares to make their shape or pattern. Next they had to play battleship in partners, guessing each other's symmetrical shapes/designs. They had a lot of fun with this assignment and it was a great way to practice symmetry!